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Building Leadership Capacity

Globalisation has brought to the fore the need for interaction and collaboration between government, civil society and business in the further development of global wealth whilst protecting the ability of the biosphere to support the longevity of mankind. Yesterday’s business leader proceeded on the basis that “business was the business of business”. Today’s leaders and those of the future have no such narrow-minded luxury. They will have to be adept at generating wealth for the company and all stakeholders in a manner that harmonises with the quality of the overall biosphere and is acceptable to governments and social movements. This is not an easy task. It calls for considerable ability incorporating new skills that will be demanded of future corporate leaders.

Developing the leaders of tomorrow will require focused, bespoke developmental experiences designed to maximise performance and fulfil potential. Research shows that development is driven by on the job experience supported by pertinent feedback and theoretical input. PenLion focuses on weaving these three strands together to form a powerful developmental experience. Clients may select one or more of the strands and their accompanying techniques as appropriate to their needs. In this regard PenLion offers the following services to Build Leadership Capacity;

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