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Building Business Capacity

Know the Business
The KTB solution will enable managers and individual contributors to understand how their actions impact on Nedbank’s business and financial objectives. KTB forms the foundation for a sustained programme of financial and business acumen learning. It serves as a stand alone learning experience or as a complement to instructor-led initiatives.
Its several modules include;
> Assessing Financial Performance
> Competing for Customer Value
> Achieving return on strategy
> Managing for profitability and growth
> Profiting from sales solutions
Understanding Business
Provides learning around strategic thinking, formulating and implementing successful business strategies, analyzing industries and linking strategic decisions to shareholder value. The learning events, self-study programs and simulations will empower your people to make the right strategic decisions and transform business ideas into action
Business Simulator
Business Simulator® is a computer-based simulation that allows users to gain years of business experience by running a simulated company. As CEO of a start-up consumer products business with $500,000 of venture capital, the user is challenged to build and manage a firm over twenty-five simulated years.

Business Simulator® provides users with a clear understanding of the total business picture. It enhances decision-making skills and enables participants to recognize the effectiveness of major business decisions at both the strategic and tactical levels. 
Products Simulation
In the Products computer-based simulation, participants manage a fictional company for long-term success. The program gives individuals an opportunity to experience the difficulties and challenges faced by a products-based business in a competitive environment.
Services Simulation
The Services Simulation is a computer-based program that provides users with a first-hand account of managing a service-based organization. Used in management and executive development seminars, this program improves participants’ understanding of business planning and management concepts while building new decision-making skills.
Technology Simulation
Olympus is an interactive, competitive, computer-based business simulation designed to illustrate the process of implementing a strategy in a changing, technology-driven environment. Olympus simulates primarily the management of processes, relationships, and capabilities. Successful teams must scan the environment, develop operating plans, implement and manage change, develop key strategic alliances and relationships, and maximize the contribution of the members of the management team.
There are also many generic industry simulations covering a wide range of industries including the likes of banking, insurance, utilities, manufacturing etc. Furthermore, there is a wide range of issue-based simulations such as customer service, value-based management, supply chain management etc.
How to assure measurable performance and business impact from training.

With economic pressures mounting and global competition intensifying, organizations must maximize employee performance, and assure that investments in employee and leadership development are leveraged into bottom-line business results. 

Yet studies show that less than 15% of all training has any impact at all on job performance, not to mention bottom-line business results.

BTS provides the answer through its Advantage Way methodology developed by its business partner Prof Rob Brinkerhoff. The Advantage Way provides insights into why many training initiatives fall short in producing the required business impact. It introduces a strategic model for implementing and evaluating training that will allow you to demonstrably leverage training into measurable business results.

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